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Goalie equipment for the optimal protection and comfort
prodigy blocker.jpg

Prodigy Model für Anfänger

Here is a piece of equipment where young goalies might think bigger is better, But this is not the case. Bigger means heavier, and with your stick this could be a lot of weight, therefore slowing down your reaction time.


So for ages 10 and under I recommend you use a junior or intermediate model for a proper fit. So when you choose a new blocker, choose one that fits your hand properly, and feels comfortable when you have your stick in your hand. Don't go for the theory that "I will stop more pucks because it's bigger". go for the theory "I feel comfortable, and I will stop more pucks because I have the proper fitting gear." 


I also highly recommend you look at the new Fortress series from Warrior where they have changed the glove positioning on the blocker to allow for an extended reach, this 1" difference could mean the difference between making a low blocker save or not!! 


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