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"The game doesn't start when the puck is dropped at the start of the game, but from the end of your last game. Because after the game is before the game."


How well you have prepared from this point on will be shown in the next game. But since there are so many distractions in life, it's too complicated to go into detail to describe exactly how to prepare every day of the week. This is where experience and finding a routine come in. In this segment we're going to show you how best to prepare good routines for "GAME DAY":

First, you need to eat well. You should also eat very healthy and nutritious the night before the game and above all, drink lots of water.

It's best to drink enough fluids so that you don't feel thirsty after the game. You should always feel like you've drank enough. Right away as soon as possible after the game, you should make sure that you eat a nutritious and healthy meal and get some electrolytes that you have lost back into your body, before your body starts screaming for food and water.

In the morning, you should start with a good breakfast. Because the first meal of the day determines your energy leading up to the game. After you've eaten your breakfast, you should get some light exercise to get your circulation going so you don't feel lethargic. This can be a Pregame ice session, a mobility circuit, or a Stretch. But don't over do it otherwise your muscles will get tired, and you won't be fit for the game. Also, it is very important that limit your TV and computer screen time, because these two things will strain your brain and most of all, your eyes. Your eyes must be in top shape, so the best thing to do is to make yourself comfortable in bed and just listen to some music or do some visualisations.

In the afternoon, you should also have a very nutritious meal, as this meal will be your energy in the game. You may also want to take a little nap to recharge your battery for your game. But not too long, otherwise you'll be too tired for the start of the game. It's best to take a nap between 30 and 45 minutes! Remember it takes your body 3 hours to fully wake up so plan your nap accordingly to game time. You should also do a little training session to warm up your eyes, reflexes, and muscles. Also add in a short pregame visualisation somewhere so that your mind is really dialled in come game time!

Now that it's time to change for the game, you should be relaxed and confident knowing that you've prepared well and you're going to have a great game! Then, when you're in the game, always be focused on your tasks and play with a clear mind and don’t overthink. Keep your concentration throughout the whole game and then assess things after the game as to what you can do better next time.


Enjoy your time on the ice!
Remember you have greatness within you!


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