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We offer: 

Goalie camps

Snipe & Save Camps

Exclusive camps for goalies

Exclusive camps for players and goalies


CGGC training is a Canadian
Training program for goalies of all ages / skill levels and players .

Our program includes:
✪ Ice training: technique + power skating
✪ Specific athletic training
✪ Mental game and motivational seminars
✪ athlete lifestyle and nutritional seminars
Spiel Technical game and video analysis
The CGGC training program is prepared and managed by Varian Kirst.


What is an exclusive CGGC camp?  

An exclusive camp is a full program lasting several days. We organize exclusive camps not only for goalies, but also for players: skill training camps, goal scoring camps and professional training. We select inspiring locations and invite experienced ice hockey rainers from Canada, the USA, Germany and other countries. In order to constantly improve our ice hockey program, we integrate various training elements and

modern training methods in our ice training, athletics training and in our seminars.

CGGC Training  

We train using the modern Canadian system, which places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help you get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate to be both technically sound and fast, not just fast.


CGGC training's system is very simple and can be easily instilled in beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional goalies. We believe in the foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control, and a keen understanding of different game situations. CGGC also trains the development of all the aspects of a goaltender's game, including the mental aspect. We give our students the tools to be successful and the skills to improve themselves to play at the highest level. For over 20 years, under the leadership of Ron Veit and Varian Kirst, our system has been consistently bringing goalies to the next level and has earned the reputation as one of the best goalie schools in Western Canada. Now you have the opportunity to experience the best all-around goalie training in Europe.


Our courses are bilingual:

German and English.

CGGC season

- all year round in Germany

Social network


Here we share our training tips, motivational videos, exercises, pictures and much more.



We place a particular focus on mental training for goalies. This is almost more important than technical training. We want to teach these young talents mental superiority because the game is decided mostly in the goalie's head. A goalie who is not mentally strong, despite great technical skills, will not be a top goalie.

We offer a top coaching staff with many specialists and professionals in all areas of the camp. We ourselves also train coaches. If we see that someone shows the passion to train the next generation, we will gradually give the individual more responsibility and duties. We will train them in the system and help them to develop as a coach.  An example is the current German Women's National team player and former National team goalie Julia Zorn. Julia is the only player, male or female, to participate in the IIHF World Championships as both a player and as a starting goalie. Hockey has long been a men's dominated game and we here at CGGC support the growing interest in female hockey.

We share passion, experience, friendship, inspiration & creativity. We share what we do best.

We live HOCKEY!


☆ Top coaches ☆ Modern ice hockey training ☆ Familiar atmosphere ☆ Tips & tricks ☆ Specific athletic training ☆ Mental game ☆ PowerPoint seminars ☆ Video analysis Sport lifestyle    ☆ Inspirational places

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