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Us connects passion, friendship experience, inspiration & creativity.

We share what we have best. We live HOCKEY!


CGGC teaches modern goaltending systems of Angles, Butterfly, Reflexes, and battling to stop the puck, which will help you maximize your performance during the season. 


Our drills focus on:

  • Positioning

  • Crease management

  • Save selection

  • Rebound control

  • X-factor.


Using this system you will find your position easier, move around your crease more effectively, know when to use certain saves, and when not to use certain saves. You will control your rebounds better to avoid scoring chances and you will learn how to make those impossible saves look easy.


Our system has been proven from beginners to NHL Pros are proven for dominating the net all around the world. Our Instructors will explain the drill and walk you through the exercises with patience so to make sure you understand why you are doing what you are doing.



We run our stations at the optimal ratio of 3:1.



We teach goalies those technical aspects of the game:

➡ Positioning with movement 

➡ Positioning using Landmarks and Zones

➡ Movement around your Crease

➡ Post pushes

➡ The movement to the Butterfly Position

➡ Movement from post to post and behind the net

➡ Wraparounds

➡ Bad angle shots

➡ Bad angle Breakaways

➡ Plays out of the corner using V-H Style

➡ High shots

➡ Low shots

➡ Rebound Control

➡ Reacting saves Vs Blocking saves

➡ Recovery and Transition game

➡ Recovery to A standing Position

➡ Recovery from Butterfly to A Butterfly

➡ Stick control

➡ Zone Plays

➡ Reading the Play

➡ Reading the Rush using Odd-Even Rule

➡ How to Play Right Hand and Left-Hand Shooters

➡ Puckhandling

➡ Poke checks

➡ Cobra Stance

➡ Desperation Saves

➡ Screens and Deflections

➡ And much much more...

Varian Kirst-DEL Goalie Coach.jpg


Director & Head Coach of CGGC

"HOCKEY is a lifestyle. Prepare and live every day so you can be 100% on game day when the puck drops."

Ron Veit.jpg

Ron Veit

Alternate Governor/Goalie Consultant for the Coquitlam Express 

"To play goal at a high level

it all comes down to positioning.

Damian Rhodes

Damian Rhodes

Former NHL Goalie & Owner of the ALLPRO GOALIES

"Life is a game of inches, we fight for every inch. Every step in life is a test that we fight for, that is what winners do, they fight for everything!"

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