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"Sensible nutrition is the best basis for your SPORT!"


Nutrition is an important factor in staying healthy and becoming a great athlete. You wouldn't fill a Formula 1 sports car with the cheapest gas and then expect it to perform at full power, would you?...So why should you eat bad food? Sure, it would work, but the question is how well and, above all, for how long? Since most people are pretty picky when it comes to their diet, we at CGGC try to make it as easy as possible for them. As your body digests food, it changes its state into three different states. The body becomes either acidic, alkaline or neutral*. In an acidic state, the body is slower and less efficient. Furthermore, diseases such as cancer can form with constant hyperacidity. You are also more susceptible to colds and injuries in this condition.

In an alkaline state, the body feels more comfortable, and performance also increases. In general, you have more energy reserves than in an acidic state. Nevertheless, you must pay attention to a balanced diet and not be limited to only to alkaline foods in order to become a great athlete. In order to become a well-nourished athlete who goes into the Games optimally prepared, you have to test different foods and meal times. As soon as you know what foods you need to eat before training or a game so that you can perform at your best, you should consum these foods again and again over a longer period of time so that you don’t experience any unwanted surprises in competition. Also, you should do research on the Internet or see a doctor and get a blood test to understand what body type you are and which foods are best for you. I also recommend educating yourself about the health effects of certain foods. After all, we all need food.

Please note that this is for information purposes only and I do not want to recommend a diet plan to you. For this, I recommend visiting a nutritionist.


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