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A modern concept for building a better hockey IQ!​

This concept reveals SNIPE & SAVE Secrets. This ice hockey training concept was put together by two Canadians, goalie coach Varian Kirst and player-coach Marcel Juhasz. The exercises have been developed according to real game situations. The training is technical, intensive, and effective with a lots of shots and action.

SNIPE & SAVE is very technical training that combines both positions, goalie and player, in a way that is complementary to each other. The training will be focused on building your skills, conditioning and confidence. 


We train our students newest techniques being played in today's hockey game while being in a highly motivating atmosphere. The foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control, and a keen understanding of different game situations is the main focus at the camp.


The exercises and the classroom theory is designed to improve your skills on the ice and build your confidence.



Our on-ice training is a combination of the latest training trends as well as time-tested techniques.




We train the modern Canadian goalie system, which places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help you get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate to be both technically sound and fast, not just fast. Our training system is very simple and can be easily installed in beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional goalies.oalie



Our player coaches will focus on individual skills that are often neglected in team practice. For individual skills, we focus on stick handling and puck control in tight areas. We will be also training you Scoring Skills: Stance, Weight Transfer, Shot in low stride, Expect Rebounds, Scoring Areas, Slot Movements, Deflections, Net Drives, Triangulation, Wraparounds, Walk Outs, Cycling, Point Shots, Bad Angles. We will be working on skating techniques to make you a more effective and faster skater. In the stations with the goalie, we will show you where to shoot and how to beat the goalie.


Varian Kirst-DEL Goalie Coach.jpg


Director & Head Coach of CGGC

"HOCKEY is a lifestyle. Prepare and live every day so you can be 100% on game day when the puck drops."

Ron Veit.jpg

Ron Veit

Alternate Governor/Goalie Consultant for the Coquitlam Express 

"To play goal at a high level

it all comes down to positioning.

Damian Rhodes

Damian Rhodes

Former NHL Goalie & Owner of the ALLPRO GOALIES

"Life is a game of inches, we fight for every inch. Every step in life is a test that we fight for, that is what winners do, they fight for everything!"

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