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Mental Online Training​ for Goalies


Our focus is not only on the ice and athletic training, but also on the goalies mental training.

CGGC has a partnership with mental coach Pete Fry from Canada.

Pete is making his Goalie Mindset Academy available to CGGC goalies online for a free 7-day trial.

This applies to everyone from the age of 13 up to professionals.

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Pete Fry 

"The Goalie Mindset Guy" from Canada

With 30 years of experience, Pete Fry has not only developed an excellent online mental program for goalies, but has also published a book ''Goalie Mindset Secrets''.

Train your mental strength in online lessons with Pete: visualisation, concentration, self-affirmation, motivation and much more!

Goalie Mindset Academy Icon.jpg

$99 / MONTH
incl. 7 days free trial

*currency CAD

The Goalie Mindset Academy

Includes online live events to improve concentration and mental skills, daily routines to help you become mentally strong and confident, and optimal preparation for the game.

Goalie Mindset Mastery 30 Day Program (Thinkific).jpg

$ 995

one time payment

*currency CAD

Goalie Mindset Mastery

The complete 30 day program!

You're 30 days away from having the attitude of a professional goalkeeper and experiencing an unprecedented level of confidence. This is the program that will set you apart from the rest.

Goalie Mindset Audio Book Icon.jpg

$ 25

one time payment

*currency CAD

Goalie Mindset Audio Book

The audiobook with quiz at the end of each chapter is a great way to grasp, learn and put into practice the 7 secrets from the book "Goalie Mindset Secrets".

Remember that you can apply all the mental skills you have learnt in your daily life.

Feeling completely confident and in control of many situations is very important in these turbulent times.

Totally Confident Goalie Icon.jpg

$99 / YEAR

*currency CAD

The Totally Confident Goalie

The audio program contains exercises and tasks to help you become and remain "Totally Confident".

Try Out Preparation Icon.jpg

$ 97

one time payment

*currency CAD

Try Out Prep Program

Try outs may seem intimidating, but with Pete's expert guidance, you'll learn all the mental skills to do them!

The program includes a pre-training video, audio, affirmations and visualisations.

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