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Your game does not begin when the puck drops. It begins at the end of the last game. How you prepare from then on will determine how well you will show up for the next puck drop. As there are so many distractions in life it is to complicated to go into detail of how you should prepare throughout the week, but we will touch on how you should prepare on the day of the game.


First you must have good nutrition, even the night before the game you must eat a good meal and drink lots of water so that you will not be depleted when game time rolls around. Also after the game you want to make sure you get some healthy food in you as quickly as possible, as your body will be starving for nourishment. 


In the morning you want to make sure that you have a good breakfast. You should also do some sort of stretching and physical activity so that your muscles wake up and don't get lazy.* You also want to restrain from watching TV or playing video games as this will dull your mind and your reflexes. Most specifically your eyes.


In the afternoon you will definitely want to have a nutritious pre-game meal, as this food will be your energy in the game.**


You might also want to take a short nap to recharge your battery so that you will be full of energy come game time.


You will also want to do a pre-game workout to warm your muscles, your reflexes and your mind so that you will be sharp.


Now that it is time to dress for the game, you want to be relaxed and confident that you have prepared well for the game, and you will have a great game.


When you are in the game, always be in focus, and never let your concentration go, not even for 1 second. 


Enjoy Your time on the ice!


*Make sure that you have a good post game routine focusing on the main points of nutrition and stretching.


If you want more information on how to do a goalie specific game day workout. Please contact us. We will be happy to assist you

,,Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.''