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"Eat like your life depends on it because it does."


Nutrition is a very important component to being a healthy person and a good Athlete. As the old saying goes garbage in, garbage out. You wouldn't put a low grade fuel into a Formula 1 racing car and expect it to perform...would you? 


So why would you put low grade food into your body. Sure it will run, but how well will it run, and for how long?


As most people are picky about what they eat, here at CGGC we have tried to make it as simple as we can for you. As your body digests food it turns it into 3 different states 1.Acid* 2. Alkaline* and 3. Neutral*. If your body is in a acid state you will be slower and less reactive. It is also in this state where diseases such as cancer can start to form. You are more susceptible to colds and flus as well as injuries if your body is in this state.


If your body is in an alkaline state you will feel lighter and be more reactive and have more energy.


You still need a well balanced diet to function properly, to only eat alkaline foods will not do the trick to becoming a well nourished athlete. To become a well nourished athlete or person for that matter, only you can figure it out over time, experimenting with different foods and different times you eat before you train or play. Once you figured out what foods work for a pre-workout meal try to stick with it, this way you know how your  body will react and there will be no surprises. I suggest you to do some research on the Internet about vitamins and minerals and how your body needs and uses them, to better understand how you should eat. I also suggest you do a little research into the healing effects of foods and their benefits. After all we all need food to live. 



Please be cautious I am only pointing out what foods are acid forming and what are alkaline forming. I am not suggesting a diet plan. For this I suggest a dietitian or nutritionalist.