29 - 30 - 31 October 2019 Location: Landsberg am Lech, Germany

    For Goalies und Players  

28 - 29 December 2019 Location: Vienna, Austria

    For Goalies and Players    

10 -13 April 2020 Location: Vienna, Austria

 High performance & development training for goalies and players  


10 -13 & 15 - 18 April 2020 Location: Füssen, Germany

    For players und goalies    

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EXCLUSIVE HOCKEY SKILLS CAMPS with the Banff Hockey Academy 

DATUM:   10-13 and 15 -18 of APRIL 2020

LOCATION: Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

        Goals for Education, Hockey and Life.


Win your races, battles & recovery.

 ''We have taken over 30 years of training experience and created a dynamic, results-based program that focuses on preparing you to be your best. We believe that winning your races, winning your battles and being in top physical condition are keys for you to be a successful player.'' : Billy Doherty, President of the Banff Hockey Academy


This year we offer 4 camps on Easter:

Development Camp 1

10 - 13 APRIL 2020

for players & goalies


Ages    2009 - 2010

Ages    2011 - 2014



485 Euro (incl.19 % taxes)

without overnight stay



High-Performance Camp

10 - 13 APRIL 2020

for players & goalies


Ages 2004 - 2006

Ages 2007 - 2008



485 Euro (incl.19 % taxes)

without overnight stay

Scouting /High-Performance Camp

15 - 18 APRIL 2020

for players & goalies

Ages 2002 - 2003

Ages 2004 - 2007


485 Euro (incl.19 % taxes)

without overnight stay

Development Camp 2

15 - 18 April 2020

for players & goalies

Ages    2007 - 2008

Ages    2009 - 2012


485 Euro (incl.19 % taxes)

without overnight stay




The Easter program is physical, mental and tactical. In a creative framework, BHA training is both challenging and rewarding, ensuring that each player has the best opportunity to reach personal goals and accelerate their development.


Drawing from some of the latest teaching techniques as well as time-tested methods, we aim to improve every athlete’s strength, speed, power, and skill. Each player’s individual skill set is attended to. From power skating and puck handling to game systems and team tactics; every athlete at the BHA will be encouraged to become faster, stronger and smarter. 



The 4-day training program includes:



  • 10 h  training on the ice

  • Warm-up & cool down

  • 4x Seminars: technical, mental game, motivation, nutrition for athletes

  • 4x lunch & snacks

  • Video review of daily sessions

  • 4x athletic training

  • Testing of 8 skills

  • Player profile

  • BHA  jersey & socks




BLZ Bundesleistungszentrum

Am Eisstadion 1
87629 Füssen





English & German


On the ice

The training will be focused on building your confidence, skills, and conditioning. It will be a high tempo week featuring 10 hours of ice time (2,5 hours per day, 1-hour skating development-Power Skating, 1,5-hour skills and tactics and one hour game featuring 1vs 1, 2vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5 situations). We are actively recruiting committed athletes who want to benefit from a great week of training and competition.


Players technical program 

1. Skating Techniks:

Stance, Extensions, Toe Flickdelays, Knee Drives, Foot Forward, Arm Swing, Starts, Stops, Edges, Turns, Pivots, Backwards, C-cuts, Crossovers


2. Puck Skills

Inside Stance, Outside Stance, Combos, Box drills, Pushing, Tight turns, Skating fakes, Passing, Puck Protection, Transitions, Look Away, Laterals in & out, Spins, Use of the net, Counters, D to D, Reverses


3. Scoring Skills:

Stance, Weight Transfer, Shot in low stride, Expect Rebounds, Scoring Areas, Slot Movements, Deflections, Net Drives, Triangulation, Wrap arounds, Walk Outs, Cycling, Point Shots, Bad Angles


4. Checking Skills

Deflect, Steer, Angle, Offensive Blue Line, from the Corner


5. Tactical Skills

1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 1, 3 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 3, 4 vs 4, breakouts, 5 vs 3, 5 vs 4, 5 vs 5


6. Game Skills

Four Roles, Between Shifts, Rebounding after a bad Shift, Playing without fear, Emotional Control



Goalies technical program 

Our drills focus on positioning, crease management, save selection, rebound control and x-factor. Using this system you will find your position easier, move around your crease more effectively, know when to use certain saves and when not to use certain saves. You will control your rebounds better to avoid scoring chances and you will learn how to make those impossible saves look easy.



Athletic training

The different athletic methods all aid in the development of a more mature, physically and mentally balanced athlete.


Our Training Philosophie

We believe that the student-athletes who are the most successful are the ones who are the most passionate. Be it in their sport, their school or their career.

Our recruiting process directs us to those students who demonstrate passionate behavior. Our hiring process directs us to those coaches and teachers who demonstrate passionate behavior. We also believe that success comes to those who have a clear vision of what they are after as far as their athletic, academic and personal goals go. We will teach and encourage our student-athletes to set goals that are realistic yet challenging enough to be always reaching. We believe that every student-athlete wants to be successful. In order for there to be an achievement, one must have the skill set to do so. Therefore, individual skills must be taught and developed. However, the most important factor in developing skills is the habits of the mind that allow skills to be developed. The habits of the mind that we will focus on are confidence, persistence, teamwork, and organization. We will support, encourage and demonstrate these behaviors.



Overnight stay possibilities:




Google Maps/Unterkunft-Location 





If you have any question about the Banff Hockey Academy camps, please write us a message:





What is the Banff Hockey Academy?


The Banff Hockey Academy is a sports school. It is a premier hockey preparatory school located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada in the heart of Western Canada's Rocky Mountains.


The Banff Hockey Academy provides its students with over 360 hours of ice time, (which includes 50-60 games) over a ten-month span. 


Students receive individual attention and guidance as well as first-class training from a staff of professional coaches with NHL, European, College and Junior league experience.


The Banff Hockey Academy follows a specialized training and nutrition program that is customized for the student's schedule by a registered strength and conditioning coach. Finally, students meet with a peak mental performance coach twice a month, to establish optimum mental toughness.


The Banff Hockey Academy prides itself on its strict focus on school, hockey and leadership development.


Box 2242, Banff, Alberta, Canada

T1L 1B9

Tel: 1-888-423-6369

Fax: 1-403-760-0868



Billy Doherty








President and Co-founder of BHA

Banff, Canada


Over 35 years of coaching athletes, Doherty played for the Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL and for the Concordia University Stingers from Montreal, Quebec. Doherty is a strong motivator who inspires student-athletes to be their best.


Garry Unger










Athletic Director of BHA,

Banff Canada


Unger brings 17 years of NHL experience plus 15 years of professional coaching to the program and provides sound practical know-how and advice. Unger also played in 7 NHL All-Star games and played in the World Championships in 1978 and 1979 for Team Canada.


Tyson Davis










Coach & Director

von Hylland Hills Jaguars Hockey Club

Denver, Colorado, USA


Tyson brings over 20 years of hockey experience in coaching, mentoring, recruiting, and retail at several different levels. 



Richard  Facey









Player & Head Coach

von Solent Devils Ice Hockey Club 

Portsmouth, England


Richard brings over 10 years of hockey experience in playing and coaching.






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